DcN Consulting

  • Conducted a paid time off study for a major bio-medical manufacturer. Recommended  enhancements  to facilitate organizational directives.

  • ​Developed and implemented a performance management system for an industrial distributor.​​

  • Developed salary structures and Broadband system for major e-commerce organization.

  • ​Provided operational and technical expertise to both   the Compensation and  benefit functions for a  global NGO.

  • Managed the implementation of an automated open enrollment program for a mid-sized distributor.

  • ​​Developed salary structure and pay program guidelines for start-up firms.

  • Conducted a competitive market analysis and salary structure for a Denver-based Behavioral Healthcare Organization.


  • Developed generic job descriptions and recommended consolidations to organization structure for a major Boston teaching hospital​​.

  • Conducted a competitive market analysis and developed pay grades for a suburban Boston hospital. Reviewed nursing structure against market and recommended adjustments. 

  • Participated in the review, revision and implementation of policies and procedures for a mid-sized manufacturer

  • Managed the annual salary survey submission process for a mid-sized manufacturer.

  • Has established sub-contracting relationships with other compensation consulting firms.

  • Filled in as On-site Compensation Manager for a consumer products firm and major e-commerce organization when short-staffed